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Over the past two decades, learning that takes place or is tracked within a computer-mediated environment has grown exponentially. As a result, a tremendous amount of data is being generated that has the potential to reveal powerful insights into the teaching and learning process. Turning this mass of data into such useful insights, however, requires new techniques that can effectively facilitate exploration and discovery. Data visualization – long a staple of the physical sciences and engineering – offers a range of powerful tools with the potential to facilitate data intensive educational research, as well as to communicate – to students, parents, teachers, administrators, and policy-makers – valuable and actionable insights made possible by a data-rich learning environment. The Summit will bring together educational leaders and data visualization experts to understand the implications of big data in education and the increasingly important role of data visualization to help improve learning and educational decision-making, to support research and inform policy. The Summit is intended to identify the current state of the field, emerging trends, to share perspectives as to where and how visualization techniques will impact education going forward, and to develop recommendations to guide the future development of educational data visualization. Join us at this important summit.